Will Smith opens up about Chris Rock Oscar slap on Trevor Noah’s talk show

Will Smith opens up about Chris Rock Oscar slap on Trevor Noah’s talk show

Will Smith had revisited the infamous Oscar night for the very first time in his first and foremost TV interview since slapping Chris Rock on stage last March. He was speaking to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show on Monday night. During the interview, he described how he lost control over the Rock’s joke about Smith’s wife’s hair. He mentioned that it was a rage that had been bottled for a long time, but his emotions did not justify his behavior.

He further said that one just never knows what someone is going through; he was going through something that night. He further said that his biggest challenge over the past eight months was learning to forgive himself or be human. He accepted that he had to humble down and realize that he is a flawed human and still has an opportunity to go out there in the world and contribute in a way that would fill his heart and hopefully help others.

It was a 20-minute with Noah speaking as much as Smith. Noah offered absolution and affection as a teary-eyed Smith just nodded along. Noah told him that Smith is just a rare breed of people in the spotlight most of the time. He further said from his point of view that the particular incident should not define the type of person Smith is, and nobody in the world deserves to be determined by one particular fuck up.

Smith was there to promote his film Emancipation, a dark historical drama that stars Smith as a runaway enslaved person. It is directed by Antoine Fuqua, who has repeatedly defended Apple’s decision to release the movie this December even though the slapping incident still dominates the Hollywood discourse. Smith had spoken to a morning talk earlier in the week regarding the film. He said he would understand if the audience decided to see the movie to boycott his behavior.

He said he would respect them and allow them the space to be ready when they can. He also said that his most profound concern is about his team, who has done some of their best work, and is hoping his action doesn’t penalize his squad.

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