Villain Colonel Quaritch has “no memory” of his death in Avatar 2

Villain Colonel Quaritch has “no memory” of his death in Avatar 2

When James Cameron‘s Avatar hit the big screen in 2009, it took the world by storm and quickly became the highest-grossing movie of all time. It is a record that is still standing today. Another film in the franchise also seemed inevitable. But the sequel had taken more than a decade to arrive. Cameron anticipated the three-hour sequel Avatar: The Way of Water would feature an ensemble cast with megastars such as Kate Winslet(Ronal) also entering the franchise.

We would also see the return of the core cast. Sam Worthington would return as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, and Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch. It is shocking as Neytiri killed Quaritch in the final act of the first movie.

We don’t know how Quaritch survived, but we are very sure he would play a big part in the story. While speaking to Empire, Lang talked about keeping his role in the movie a big secret. For a very long time, everything was under wraps. Now all of a sudden, some of the wraps are being taken off. Quaritch’s return was not the best-kept secret. It is unknown whether he is still the same arrogant and cigar-smoking asshole we remember from the first movie.

One sure thing is that his physical appearance and memories are different. He is shown as a genetically engineered autonomous avatar and has been downloaded with the mind, emotions, and, more interestingly, the possible spirit of Quaritch Lang. He would come with a full memory bank until he underwent a DNA transfer. So there would be certain things that do not have any memory.

He does not have any memory of his death. He is not a full-fledged Navi and is no longer restricted by a human body. Also, he is not dependent on the machinery he used previously. If he was dangerous as a human earlier now he will be on a totally different level.

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