Tom Cruise swore at sobbing Emily Blunt on ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ set

Tom Cruise swore at sobbing Emily Blunt on ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ set

Emily Blunt claimed that Tom Cruise had stumped on what to do when she gets emotional. So he had opted to swear at her for some short motivation. Actress Emily claimed that her “Edge of Tomorrow” co-star Tom Cruise had promised at her while she had cried on the action film set. The actress, 39, had teared up due to the exhaustion of wearing the heavy robotic costume. She had even injured her ribs due to the design of the outfit.

She mentioned that she had to wear those enormous suits, which she thought would have been great if they had CGi’d them, but they wanted to do it tactile. When one hears the word tactile, one usually assumes it would sound nice and cozy, but there was nothing relaxing about those suits as it was 85 lb which is approx. 38 kg and was very heavy. She disclosed this while appearing on the Smart less podcast.

She said that the first time she put it on, she started to cry, and Tom had no idea what to do. She mentioned that he had just stared at her, and told him that she was not sure how she will get through this shoot and had started to cry. She told Tom that she was panicky about shooting in the costumes. She said that he then stared at her for a long time, unsure of what to do, and then swore at her and said ‘come, stop being such a pussy, OK?”.

Fortunately, the act of tough love worked for her, and she eventually ended up laughing it off and completed the scene. Emily had to use some male stunt double to fill in for some locations as the outfit was cumbersome.

While filming, she got injured and hurt her ribs and collarbones. It’s been eight years since then; Emily says that they are still dodgy and do remind her of the shooting time. She would remember it for a long time.

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