Time magazine names Michelle Yeoh its 2022 Icon of the Year

Time magazine names Michelle Yeoh its 2022 Icon of the Year

Time Magazine declared Michelle Yeoh as the Icon of the Year in 2022. It further cemented the actor’s stature as a superstar in entertainment. The Icon of the Year is considered a particular category in the magazine’s annual Person of the Year issue. In May, Yeoh was also included on TIME magazine’s list of most influential people of the year 2022. The announcement followed the magazine’s recognition of the K-pop group BLACKPINK as the Entertainer of the Year 2022. The magazine stated that BLACKPINK has succeeded by demanding attention everywhere where one has the attention to give.

The TIME Icon of the Year 2022 recognition has come after the Malaysian actor has been basking worldwide appreciation from critics and fans for her performance as Evelyn Wang in the blockbuster movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” released in 20022. The magazine underlined the movie’s success and noted that as Los Angeles is gearing up for the Academy Awards season, everyone here wants to meet him and shake hands with her. Everyone wants to be remembered by her.

The magazine also said that this is when Yeoh has been waiting for a long time to star in a significant role that would make her a household name. Despite her outstanding work, she worked primarily in action until this movie’s release.

Yeoh said it should not be about her race, but it has been a real battle for her, and she at least wants to try. She also told the magazine that Asian actors rarely get top billing and are given chiefly stereotypical roles in Hollywood. She also commented on the possibility of winning an Academy Award and becoming the first Asian woman to win the Best Actress category.

She told TIME that she had thought about it. And it is not just her; she feels that her entire Asian community has thought about it. She said many people had come up to her and said she was doing it for them.

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