Sami Zayn match will kick off tonight’s WWE SmackDown

Sami Zayn match will kick off tonight’s WWE SmackDown

WWE Smackdown would kick off tonight’s episode in one hell of a way. The Bloodline is coming fresh from a Survivor Series victory in the WarGames match, and they have to thank their Honorary Use, Sami Zayn. The game had closed out the premium live event, and Sami Zayn would begin Smackdown in a headline match. He would face one of his opponents in Saturday WarGames, Sheamus.

WWE had announced a copy of Cathy Kelley that Sheamus would take on Zayn in the singles action. Hall of Famer Teddy Long had recently joined the Sportskeeeda Wrestling One-on-One show and had praised the Honorary Use. Teddy had stated that the former Intercontinental Champion was always talented and was glad that somebody in the company had finally realized the same. He also said that he had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Sami in the Bloodline. He had been terrific.

Zayn had cemented his allegiance to the Bloodline when he saved Roman Reigns from being pinned by Kevin Owens. Owens and Zayn had shared an intense staredown before the latter decided to deliver a low blow to one of his former friends and then gave a kick for 1-2-3. This move by Sami seemingly tightened his bond with the rest of The Bloodline family as everybody, from him to Jey Uso, is finally on the same page. Reigns had put that confrontation to the test when he had sent Zayn to team up with Jey in the early stages of the WarGames match.

It has also been announced on Smackdown that tonight’s episode would be the final of the World Cup tournament between Santos Escobar and Ricochet. It is a match that once took place in the now-defunct Lucha Underground. But unfortunately for Smackdown, the program would not be in its usual time slot on Fox but would instead air on FS1. Fox would also broadcast a big NCAA college football game between USC and Utah.

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