Prince Harry wouldn’t have married Meghan if Diana was alive, says Queen’s ex-aide

Prince Harry wouldn’t have married Meghan if Diana was alive, says Queen’s ex-aide

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have never married if his mother, Diana, princess of wales, was still alive. Who doesn’t know about Queen Elizabeth, everybody knows about her. She was a great personality with good qualities. Harry is also a very sensible person who has excellent features. According to him, he was going to stick his neck out here and would not have been in the state due to his mother’s death, but he would have taken a completely different course and would be working in support of the king.

Some of their well-wishers said, “The Oprah interview was desperately damaging to any relationship that harry could ever hope to have with his family. “They are tied up in a pure relationship wedding in 2018. It was a challenging period for the royal family.

Not only reporters, in fact, all staff of the royal family and some of his family members also have the same view on this matter and submit it publically. All of them described that this couple’s relationship would end in tears and that harry is emotionally reliant on Meghan. Another well-placed source believes the couple would never have met and gotten married if Diana, princess of wales, was still alive. She had her head screwed on the right way. She was very practical .one of the things us was that this was not a rumor; it was a fact and strongly claimed by Queen Elizabeth’s former aide, that this couldn’t happen or not be tied up with each other.

Some news reporters and social networking sites published this news in their own way but this news also said, “if Princess Diana was alive today, this would not be going through this.” They doubt that harry would not have done this work. He would still be there working in support of the queen. In many pictures, we can see on social media sites in which we can see the love bondage of their love and affection since childhood. He was born in private security, not in police security. He admitted it publically that what he had done had never been done before.

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