‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bevin Prince Addresses Husband’s Death

‘One Tree Hill’ Alum Bevin Prince Addresses Husband’s Death

One Tree Hill” alum Bevin Prince opened up publicly for the first time after her husband, William Friend was killed in a fatal lightning strike in July. The 40-year-old had appeared on the episode of the “1 on 1 with Jon Evans” podcast on Dec 3 and called the incident an absolute nightmare for her. She said it was like any other day that they had done a million times. She said that the storm was far away, they were on the boat, and everything was fine. And then, in a very instant, everything changed. There has been no normal, and there has been no playbook for the same.

Just before he was struck, Prince had said that Friend, the CEO of the digital media company Bisnow had lit a cigar, had looked at her father, and had told Mike that if they ever get struck by lightning, then this is an excellent place to be. She said that instantly the people on the boat next to them, a nurse, a bounty hunter, and an ex–military responded fast. Then the police boat was seen driving by them at the right moment. It just happened to be there. So all of them could move him to the police boat, and in her mind, absolutely nothing could have been done. And she had to accept that it was more significant than her this time.

Prince is best known for playing Bevin Mirskey on “One Tre Hill.” She said that both the accident and the events which led to the lightning strike allowed her to process that the incident was something bigger than herself and that she could not have prevented it from happening.

She was asked what her experience was when the lightning had struck, to which she replied she wasn’t present as her dad’s boat had stalled, and she had gotten on the other ship with the dogs to head back to the shore. It is indeed a tough time for the family.

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