Married ‘GMA’ co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach allegedly had months-long affair

Married ‘GMA’ co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach allegedly had months-long affair

As per recent reports, The Married GMA co-host T.J Holmes and Amy Robach have left their partners after an alleged long monthly affair. This was confirmed on Page Six. According to sources, their romance had begun in March when both of them were training together for the New York City Half marathon. The pairs reportedly left their respective spouses in August. Both were spotted canoodling in the bars near the ABC New back in May. Some staff said the couple had gone to extreme lengths to hide their affair. It was visible that they had a cozy relationship on air which is needed and expected. They were cautious behind the scenes to keep their alleged affair secrets. The producers at GMA were utterly shocked when they came to know about their affair.

Daily Mail had obtained some photos which show both of them cozying up to each other and, at one point, even holding hands during the various outings in upstate New York and around the city. As per sources, just two weeks before Thanksgiving, the couple had gone on a getaway to a remote cottage where Holmes could be seen grabbing Robach’s butt as she was leaning into the car’s trunk. ABC staff is buzzing about their intimacy in June while they were in England for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Robach, who is 49 years old, had restricted her comments on her Instagram account as some noticed that she has not only ditched her wedding band but has stopped posting pictures of her husband, Andrew Shue. On the other Holmes, their Instagram account appears to be deactivated.

Robach and Holmes have been close friends for years and have gone on double dates with their respective ex-spouses. Robach had divorced her first husband, Tim McIntosh, and has two daughters from the marriage. She also has three stepsons from her marriage to Shue. Holmes, on the other hand, had married Fiebig in 2010. We can wish the couple the best of luck.

Featured Image Credit: Page Six

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