Hugh Grant Hated Doing ‘Excruciating’ Dance Scene In ‘Love Actually’

Hugh Grant Hated Doing ‘Excruciating’ Dance Scene In ‘Love Actually’

Hugh Grant hated filming the dance scenes in the movie Love. He shared the difficulties he had faced during the scene in the movie. He played the role of David in the Christmas film, released in 2003. It’s been almost two decades since it was released, but many of us still remember the scene. In the movie, David is shown as the Prime Minister of the UK who falls in love with a very junior member of the household staff. Martine McCutcheon played the role of the household staff. It was one memorable scene. In the scene, he was shown dancing around Downing Street to “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters. A member of the staff also spotted him.

He had given an interview to Diane Sawyer for ABC’s The Laughter & Secrets of Love Actually:20 Years Later show. In the interview, he shared that his dancing was out of the stipulated time in the movie’s final cut. He also mentioned that when he saw the dance scene in the script, he instantly thought he would have a tough time doing that. He did not fancy himself to do that at all, let alone rehearsing for the same. Director Richard Curtis also shared that Grant kept saying no to the same and was hoping that Richard would fall sick and finally say to get rid of the dancing scene.

He mentioned a contractual obligation for Grant to do the dance scene, which the actor jokingly described as a contractual guillotine. Grant shares that he was entirely out of the rhythm, especially at the beginning of the dance scene, where he was wiggling his ass. He also shared that many people tell him that it is the most excruciating scene they have ever seen, which Grant also agrees with.

He further also mentioned there are indeed some people who have told him that they like the scene. The movie was a blockbuster, thoroughly entertaining, and is considered one of the best of Hugh’s career.

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