Honey Singh adds EDM twist to hit Rahman-Asha Bhosle track ‘Yai Re’

Honey Singh adds EDM twist to hit Rahman-Asha Bhosle track ‘Yai Re’

Honey Singh adds an EDM twist to hit Rahman Asha Bhosle‘s track (Yai re). The famous rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh has recreated the 1990 hit track (Yai re) from the movie Rangeela which was grammy and oscar winning composer A.R Rahman’s first Hindi soundtrack. The created number feature elements of EDM, which mean electronic dance music, and it is an upbeat tune making it a party anthem. This song was very popular at that time and hopefully will be running successfully during this time also.

The song also features Lulia in a new avatar. Honey Singh, said he loved the original song Yai re, and when he got an opportunity to recreate this iconic track, he was very excited and never to deny it. Now it’s a song, a party anthem of 2022 or 2023. we hope fans will love its original version as much as they love it. Honey Singh is a well-known name in the music industry and has a large fan following. The music video is directed by Mihir Gulati, who had worked with Honey Singh on many projects.

The promo is also very interesting and hot. This video is set in a club where Honey and Lulia are shown grooving to the all-new Yai Re hook step. Lulia also said this song is also their favorite of mine, and now I’m happy to be a part of it, and it’s genuinely a great thing for me, and of course, I am so happy now. Yai Re is now available to stream on tips music’s YouTube channel. He has done an incredible job in spicing it up with his own style, and they hope the audience loves it as much as they do and feel fun while singing and shooting for this music video.

Now this song is in the air, and the fan following of Honey Singh‘s wait now ends, and they can enjoy this song also; the lovers of AR Rahman are excited to listen to this song in its new version. People want to know whether honey Singh succeeded in doing this work, which means people are now judging the better old version or the new version.

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