Dolly Parton Wants to Open a Museum in Nashville

Dolly Parton Wants to Open a Museum in Nashville

As per recent reports, Dolly Parton is planning to open a museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The country music star already has a museum at her Dollywood theme park in the Pigeon Page. In an interview for the Tennessean, published on Monday, she dished out her plans to establish a “Dolly Center” very shortly.

According to Parton, the “Dolly Center” would be including a museum. As of now, it is not known what will be put on display at the museum. It is very much possible that it would highlight Parton’s legendary career in the same manner that Chasing Rainbows Museum does.

Dolly said she would have a museum here in Nashville pretty soon, maybe within the next couple of years. The museum would be a part of a larger complex; it can be called a ‘Dolly Center.’ She has also indicated that she would love the venue to include a restaurant. She continued and said she has a Dollywood museum but would love to have something here as this is her home, and she also might have a restaurant or a bar and grill.

She has many thoughts but is confident that someday she will have a business here. She also emphasized that she does not have any desire to tour anymore. But she is open to making a special appearance at the Bonnaroo festival, which would be staged in Manchester. She wants to do shows here and there and participate in special events like Bonnaroo.

Dolly Parton’s amusement park and entertainment complex in Tennessee would include the Chasing Rainbows Museum. It would hold artifacts related to the musician’s personal life and history and also has Parton memorabilia. Last year there was a nationwide debate over removing multiple Confederate monuments and what needs to be put in their place.

Parton had asked Tennessee lawmakers not to erect a statue of Dolly on the grounds of the state capital in Nashville. She also said that she does not think putting her on a pedestal is appropriate at this point.

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